Success without education is only for ‘minority’

When we heard that the delivery rider can earn up to RM6k? Everyone wants to be a rider. At the end now we see a lot of riders are at side of fast-food restaurants waiting for orders. Then they complained about they work hard but the apps provider getting richer.

We heard TikTokers can earn RM10k from an advertisement run? Everyone upload contents and looking for followers, chasing advertisement time, but at the end no followers as the content was not good enough.

This is the problem when you a follower of a trend and that is not sustainable. The early adopters might enjoy the benefit but those who to join the flock after that, will only enjoy the market damage as supplies are over the demand.

That is the importance of formal education. College, university, professional certifications. Young people are now leaving formal education, saying “you don’t need a degree to be successful”

Successful without that formal education is only for “minority”.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg might not have a formal degree but they used to study in university. The real world is not as beautiful as the story we heard. It is better to be a little orthodox and traditional in organizing early life, than to continue to plunge into the dynamic, agile world.

Oleh: Farid Affandi.

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